Avatarscan's AI League Hat Trick

Triple your Reality with 3 AI League AR Filters

To celebrate the launch of AI League
on iOS App Store and Google play 

The AvatarScan team came up with these filters

Try flipping your head on 3 very different AvatarScan AI League filters on Snapchat 

We also had a free contest with a Prize Giveaway Show
If you missed it, here’s a replay:

Share Online if you can beat your friends or our Winners in the video!
Play with our Snap Filters here:

AI League Headers – Heads ‘n’ Hats – Stadium Day


Literally use your head to play our game. Can you beat Blocky’s Score?


Roll the dice and be a random AI League character or roll your own.


Immerse yourself in the heart of the stadium action with the AI League on your shoulders.

How to Play AI League Headers

AI League Asset Hero All Stars


Score points by catching white balls with your head

Can you post a higher score than Blocky?

Don’t hit black balls, they end the game!

How to Play

Create an account at SnapChat


Activate AI League Headers

Align your face in middle of the screen

Move your head to catch falling white balls

If “Out of Range” shows up, move your phone further from your face

Game Over

Hit a black ball and it’s game over!

Tap the screen to try again

Change Hats

Tap the screen to wear a different hat.

Share Your Score

Hold the SNAP button to record your game

Release to stop

Share your high score to challenge friends!